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Cloud ubiquity could see the term die off by 2025, argues Citrix

July 30, 2018 / James Bourne

Many in the industry have wondered about when the cloud will dissipate – in other words, when the term ceases to be used because of the technology’s ubiquity. Citrix has stuck its head over the parapet – and said that 2025 may signal the death of the buzzword. At least, that’s the verdict of a quarter of the 750 UK-based IT decision makers polled by Citrix, alongside Censuswide. Of the 26% who believe the term cloud will be obsolete by 2025, more than half (56%) see cloud technology as being so embedded in the enterprise that it will no longer be seen as a separate term. In some instances, such as referring to the likes of Salesforce as a cloud-native app, the report argues the process has already begun.