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How your enterprise data centre fits in the cloud: A guide

August 03, 2018 / Enzo Greco

Since the birth of corporate computing, the data centre has been a mainstay. Like filing cabinets, notepads and the occasional wonky chair, the data centre forged its place at the heart of a profitable, effective organisation. Long had it been the de facto vehicle for all application deployment and, whether that organisation worked in retail, finance or IT, the relationship has served both the users and business well. However, like many relationships, sometimes a head can be turned by something shiny and new. The first glance occurred on the business’ side when Salesforce.com successfully provided applications “off premise” in the early 2000s. This successfully removed a significant hurdle for their key target, the VP of Sales, by offering them the ability to authorise purchases autonomously. After all, sales typically have a poor relationship with their IT department. This new solution gave them a hosted option which meant they didn’t have to go through any add...