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Google and Alibaba focus on Southeast Asia in latest infrastructure expansion

August 06, 2018 / James Bourne

The largest players in cloud computing are looking to Asia for further expansion – Google has announced it is building a new data centre in Singapore, while Alibaba Cloud has announced a second infrastructure zone in Malaysia. Google’s expansion will take the company up to three data centres in Singapore, taking its overall investment in the country to $850 million. The facilities will also be built in line with Google’s environmental policy; back in April the company announced it had achieved its long-standing goal of becoming 100% renewable. According to Google’s location map, the company now operates 61 open and provisional zones across 20 regions and five continents. Singapore is joined in Asia Pacific by Japan – an open facility in Tokyo and a future region in Osaka – Mumbai, Taiwan, Sydney, and another future facility in Hong Kong. “We’re looking forward to growing our small team at the data centres here, as well as expanding our ti...