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Demytisfying the public or private cloud choice: Compliance, cost, and technical requirements

August 13, 2018 / Michael Coté

Every business wants to operate like a tech company today. Companies can’t thrive without improving IT, and executives must decide where to house and process data – under these circumstances, cloud strategies are increasingly nuanced. A Forrester study found that just 4% of organisations run their applications exclusively in the public cloud today, and 77 percent of organisations are using multiple types of clouds, both on-premises and off-premises. So do you take the public or private cloud route? This can be a complicated question for companies, so let’s look at some starting considerations. Most of IT’s budget and attention is focused on what used to be called “off-the-shelf applications”: email and calendaring, collaboration apps and industry specific software. These applications are often slow-moving fodder in a cloud strategy and should be moved to public cloud first. Gartner expects more than 70 percent of businesses will be substantially prov...