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Is Serverless the Future of Open Source and Software Development?

August 31, 2018 / Dan Meyer

Is serverless computing the next evolution of open source? And, more broadly, is serverless the key to opening up software development to the masses? Those two questions were the crux of a short keynote address by Austen Collins, CEO of Serverless Inc., at this week’s Open Source Summit event in Vancouver, British Columbia. The first question tackled the perceived barrier between open source and serverless. This has been due to the locked-in nature of most serverless platforms that to this point have been tied to a specific cloud provider’s platform. Think Amazon Web Services’ Lambda or Microsoft Azure Functions. The open source community is not typically a fan of this architecture.But, Collins noted that the open source community has accounted for 90 percent of contributions to the Serverless Framework, which is a platform that allows for the development and deployment of serverless functions within a siloed deployment model. He explained that the Serverless Framewor...