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In cloud the watchword is 'trust but verify' but 'verification is very difficult', says insurer

September 05, 2018 / Sooraj Shah

Cloud computing has "massive problems" and, while it has a place in some enterprises, Collegiate Management Services IT manager Michael Dear says he is "deeply suspicious of ‘going to the cloud' for the sake of it". Collegiate is a professional indemnity insurance provider. In an interview with Computing, Dear, one of the judges at the upcoming Computing Cloud Excellence Awards on Wednesday 19th September at The Waldorf Hilton in London, said that he regarded cloud computing as "someone else's computer", partly because he comes from a security background - which means he doesn't automatically trust anyone."It does have its place in, for example, highly elastic loads like public-facing services, where I can understand it. However, there are massive problems with cloud as you are reliant on someone else and, ultimately, you only have a contract to rely on if it goes wrong," Dear told Computing. He suggested that the compensation f...