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HTBASE Provides Composable Infrastructure Across Multiple Clouds

September 07, 2018 / Linda Hardesty

HTBASE is pooling compute, storage, and networking into composable infrastructure based on containers that can work across an organization’s private data centers and multiple public clouds. “We build software,” said Erwin Daria, a pre-sales systems engineer with HTBASE. “We don’t sell appliances. There’s no hardware that a customer has to buy. It’s meant specifically for organizations that are looking to build applications using containers but also want to consume cloud services. The company was founded in 2015. The product — named JUKE — is targeted at DevOps teams within organizations that want to use container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. Compared to the regular IT team, the DevOps engineers need more agile infrastructure. “We want to service those DevOps engineers and allow them to be flexible,” said Daria.In addition to providing a pool of composable resources within a company’s...