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Pivotal Container Service Improves Kubernetes for Multicloud

September 25, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerner

Pivotal along with VMware announced the new Pivotal Container Service 1.2 update on Sept. 25, providing new capabilities for the Kubernetes-based container orchestration platform.The PKS update was announced at Pivotal's SpringOne Platform developer conference, alongside the new Pivotal CloudFoundry (PCF) 2.3 and Pivotal Application Service (PAS) 2.3 releases. Among the new features that landed in PKS are support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and enhanced multicloud deployment and management options."PKS previously supported two IaaS [infrastructure-as-a-service] platforms, vSphere and GCP," Wendy Cartee, senior director of VMware’s Cloud Native Business Unit, told eWEEK. "With PKS 1.2, customers can now run PKS on AWS EC2." PKS was first announced in August 2017 as a collaboration between Google, VMware and Pivotal. It is a Kubernetes service that makes use of the Kubo open-source project, which brings Pivotal's BOSH deployment technology to Kubernete...