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The Security Advantages of Cloud Computing Revisited

October 09, 2018 / Richard P. Tracy

Over seven years ago, we co-authored a little-noticed article about the “Security Advantages of Cloud Computing.” We said then that “the benefits of the cloud can be affordably attained in a way that does not jeopardize an organization’s security.”At the time, we thought this was boldly radical, but it landed with a big thud. Many cybersecurity pros, and especially those in the government, were skeptical of our conclusions. Since then, as cloud security has become much more widely appreciated, we have occasionally mentioned this opinion piece with great pride, noting that we were ahead of the curve in promoting the security of the cloud—even if few read it or believed us. Looking back, we realize we actually understated the case for cloud security. Our article focused on how the cloud could be more secure for small to mid-sized companies, implying by omission that maybe the cloud isn’t secure enough for big, complex companies, much less federal...