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IBM Launches Open Cloud And AI Tools Aimed At Radical Simplicity For Businesses

October 15, 2018 / Bob Evans

CLOUD WARS -- As business leaders begin betting their companies on a surging range of cloud and AI technologies, IBM plans to leapfrog its tech competitors by offering new tools that simplify and streamline the management of those complex technologies regardless of which cloud or AI vendor provides them.The core challenge is one that has bedeviled CIOs for decades: as waves of powerful and high-potential new technologies from a wide range of vendors enter the market to address specific tasks, business customers are ultimately left with the highly challenging, expensive and time-consuming task of finding some way to make all those disparate technologies work together and play by the same rules. Cloud computing’s already become suffused deeply into the business mainstream, and AI, while only beginning to make that incursion, is showing enormous promise and will certainly become a broadly used business weapon within the next year or two at the outside.