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How cloud implementation is bringing benefits to developers

October 16, 2018 / Jeff Keyes

Now that the cloud has gained high momentum in the technology industry, the mystery of its popularity is no longer much of a mystery – its speed and ability to scale are what make the cloud an attractive option for businesses. With its elasticity, cloud provides organisations with the capacity they need whenever they need it, and all readily available. In contrast with internal infrastructure, where there are often large expenses up front, there’s a huge value in adopting cloud due to its concrete costs. There is also the bonus capability of adding services such as disaster recovery through an interconnected structure without a second thought. The DevOps world in particular is one that is increasingly seeing the benefits of cloud adoption. Implementing cloud technology in an organisation that uses DevOps can lead to improved productivity and efficiency for developers, by automating processes such as building and managing code, and increasing delivery speeds.