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Cloud Academy launches new tools to aim to close the cloud skills gap

October 17, 2018 / James Bourne

The skills gap has been a thorn in cloud computing’s side for longer than many in the industry would care to remember. Cloud Academy hopes to create a change in mindset with its latest release.The training company has announced the launch of Cloud Roster and Cloud Catalog, two products which aim to provide a fuller picture of the cloud jobs and skills landscape.Cloud Roster is a job roles matrix which analyses tens of thousands of public job postings per week to give a basis for the top trending technology skills as they develop. Cloud Catalog, meanwhile, focuses on the technologies themselves, providing a stack ranking of technologies by popularity and geography based on data from various developer community platforms. The company cited figures from IDC, who predicted cloud investment to grow at a 22% computing growth rate until 2021. As a result the importance of closing the skills gap – or at least ensuring it does get any wider – is key.