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Cloud Academy guide will help match skills with business needs

October 17, 2018 / Clare Hopping

The Cloud Academy has launched two benchmarking tools to help match cloud talent and skills with the needs of businesses, ensuring firms trying to become more digital savvy have the resources they need.Comprising Cloud Roster and Cloud Catalog, the tools use data to identify holes in business skillsets and technology trends, plus identify the roles needed to plug those gaps. It will build profiles of the skills required in each job role, plus the responsibilities, non-tech skills and likely certifications required of that position and matches these to the upcoming tech trends.Cloud Roster analyses public job listings to build a job landscape overview, identifying which roles are in demand and what tech skills businesses are looking for. This data includes certifications required for candidates and non-technical skills employers are looking for. It then combines this data with expert interviews, plotting trends to help people understand which skills they need in order to Cloud Catalog w...