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Next Big Thing In Cloud Computing Puts Amazon And Its Peers On The Edge

October 20, 2018 / REINHARDT KRAUSE

Hangar Technology wants to shake up the drone market by getting rid of human pilots. But the bigger story might be how the startup uses the next big thing in cloud computing, called edge computing. Edge computing deploys data processing, storage and networking close to sensors and where other data originate. The goal is to process and analyze data locally in real time rather than send it to faraway data centers in the internet cloud and wait for a response of, say, 150 milliseconds.That sliver of time matters in some applications: A self-driving car that needs to detect a pedestrian or storm-damaged sign. A doctor who performs remote surgery using augmented reality tools. A video surveillance system equipped with facial recognition to identify a known shoplifter or terror suspect. Sensors that detect repairs needed on robotic arms in factories and oilfield pumps. Edge computing is the next step that companies like Amazon.com (AMZN) are taking to expand the cloud. Incumbents mean to pro...