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How Facebook is Using War Room to Fight Election Interference

October 19, 2018 / Wayne Rash

Facebook announced Oct. 18 that the company has set up a war room at its offices in Menlo Park, Calif., to monitor efforts to interfere with national elections in the United States and Brazil. According to the announcement, the war room is staffed by more than two dozen experts from throughout the company, including from their threat intelligence, legal, data science and software engineering teams. The room includes several large monitors on walls around the room and desks for each of the workers. The idea of a war room is to get everyone that’s involved in dealing with a threat or some other type of urgent problem into a single room where they can interact instantly to counteract the problem. The workers in the room can see threats as they appear on dashboards on the monitors, and then can work together to investigate and solve each problem. It’s worth noting that while war rooms are common in the military and elsewhere in government, they’re not uncommon in private ...