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Oracle Executive Chairman Larry Ellison Slams Amazon Over Cloud Security

October 22, 2018 / JONATHAN VANIAN

Oracle executive chairman Larry Ellison is going after Amazon and its cloud computing arm, once again.During the database giant’s annual user conference in San Francisco Monday, the Oracle co-founder spent much of his keynote criticizing Amazon over perceived failings. It marks another instance of Ellison using his own company’s technology conference as a vehicle to slam rivals in a public setting. Some other companies Ellison has publicly called out during previous conferences over the past 4 years include Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft.At the event Monday, Ellison railed against the security measures of Amazon, as well as taking a few shots at other companies like Google and Facebook that have been criticized over recent data blunders. Ellison’s criticism over Amazon Web Services and its security has to do with the nature of cloud computing, in which customers rent access to computing infrastructure in a pay-as-you-go model.