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Public Input on ‘Cloud Smart’ Policy Starts With a Basic Question What Is Cloud?

October 29, 2018 / Aaron Boyd

As the administration looks to finalize an updated governmentwide cloud computing strategy, public input has honed in on what seems like the most basic of questions: How should “cloud” be defined?
The Office of Management and Budget released the draft “Cloud Smart” policy on Sept. 24 and opened a 30-day public comment period to garner feedback. As of Monday, the administration had received 40 comments, the majority from cloud service providers and other industry stakeholders.
In general, most of the comments were unsurprising—commercial cloud companies wanted there to be more focus on using commercial clouds; cybersecurity companies wanted a stronger focus on cybersecurity. But one recurring theme stood out: Should the government push for greater adoption of commercial solutions over in-house—or private—clouds?The first section of the draft policy suggests there has been much confusion within government over what constitutes cloud...