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Building a Healthcare Cloud Strategy Prevents Overspending

October 29, 2018 / Elizabeth O'Dowd

Many organizations are moving to the healthcare cloud to reduce the cost of on-premises IT infrastructure deployment. While initially deploying a new cloud infrastructure may be expensive, over time cloud service models are less expensive to maintain. Many healthcare organizations face IT budget restrictions which can deter them from investing in advancing infrastructure technology that will help increase workflow and improve patient care.The transition to value-based care requires healthcare organizations to modernize their IT infrastructure to support tools that will increase workflow and improve patient care, according to a Damointel report.  This often includes investing in technology that can process more data. While value-based care is expected to be the biggest driver in health IT spending in 2018, other categories are also expected to influence spending.Respondents were instructed to choose two areas of increased spending. Value-based care (60 percent) was followed closely...