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Cloud computing is the need of the hour

November 02, 2018 / Ahlam Rais

In today’s Industry 4.0 ambience, manufacturers are making use of automation and industrial IoT on a daily basis and the concept of “cloud computing” is no longer an option but a necessity to keep things rolling in an industry set-up. A report by the American Enterprise Institute on “How Cloud Computing Enables Modern Manufacturing” states that over 90% of global companies use cloud computing in some part of their business. The business opportunity in cloud computing is immense. This thought can be seconded by a report by global research firm Gartner . The report estimates that (what it refers to as) “cloud shift” transition – the transition from spending on traditional IT offerings to cloud services – will grow to more than USD216 billion in 2020. In addition to this, market research company, Statista reports that global spending on Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is predicted to increase from USD19.1 billion in 2...