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Get off of your cloud AWS CEO claims move away from Oracle is imminent

November 13, 2018 / James Bourne

The Oracle and Amazon mud-slinging shows no signs of slowing down. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has claimed its consumer businesses are now fully off Oracle’s data warehouse, with the vast majority of critical system databases running on its own solution by the end of the year.The source comes right from the top; writing on Twitter, CEO Andy Jassy said Amazon’s consumer arm turned off Oracle on November 1 and moved to Redshift, Amazon’s equivalent data warehousing tool. Oracle, and in particular co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison, has been taking sideswipes at all things AWS for almost as long as they have been in the cloud game. As this publication put it last month for the Oracle OpenWorld keynote: “Oracle’s autonomous database is certainly Ellison’s favourite topic right now – but bashing the biggest player in cloud infrastructure must rank a close second.