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Cisco defies market shift to cloud with rising hardware sales

November 15, 2018 / Connor Jones

Cisco has said increased demand for its router hardware as well as a surging software business has led to an unexpected jump in year over year revenue and profits, according to a earnings report released on Wednesday. Demand for its hardware had been declining as customers frequently turned towards cloud services provided by the likes of Amazon and Microsoft. However, revenue for its hardware unit rose 9% to $7.64 billion, beating analyst expectations of $7.39 billion, according to Reuters. The company recently immersed itself in the software and cyber security market following a decreased demand for its hardware, resulting in the $2.35 billion acquisition of cyber security provider Duo Security back in August. Wednesday's report showed revenue for its application software business had risen 18% to $1.42 billion for the year, while security sales, which include its firewall protection and breach detection services, were up 11% to $651 million.