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Why cloud infrastructure is an increasingly exclusive club – with only a few having the cash to get in

November 21, 2018 / James Bourne

The figures keep going up and up for the hyperscalers – as new data from Synergy Research shows another new record for hyperscale operator capex in Q318.Hyperscaler capex was at more than $26 billion for the most recent quarter, with spending for the first three quarters of 2018 up by 53% when compared with this time last year. This quarter’s figure is the second highest of all time; Q1 still takes the honours, yet Synergy ascribes that to Google’s ‘one-off’ $2 billion purchase of Manhattan’s Chelsea Market building in March.Nevertheless, aside from a minor blip at the beginning of 2017, it has been a steady upward curve since 2015, with spending now almost double that of three years ago. For the big five – in this instance, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Amazon – these are heady days. Alibaba, IBM and Tencent are among those in the second tier, however the former ‘leapt’ in terms of capex spend during the most recent ...