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Now, cloud companies want to run the rest of your business

November 24, 2018 / PAUL GILLIN

Technology giant Siemens AG hires 35,000 people each year, sorting through some 2 million applicants for positions in 120 countries in 20 languages. Search is essential to such a massive recruiting process, but language, cultural and industry differences have long been a problem in matching candidates to available positions.“I might be looking for a software developer and I’m getting applications for a business developer,” said Stephanie Morton, Siemens’ Singapore-based global talent acquisition manager. As a result, the company’s 400 recruiters had to do much of the weeding-out and matching process manually. Early this year, Siemens’s cloud recruiting partner, Jibe Inc., suggested that a new cloud service being tested by Google LLC’s Cloud Platform called Cloud Talent Solution could help. Leveraging Google’s expertise in translation, search and machine learning, the software improves the quality of candidate matches over time to cut down...