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AWS launches RoboMaker to help developers build software brains for robots

November 26, 2018 / MARIA DEUTSCHER

Amazon.com Inc. uses internally designed robots to shuffle goods around its warehouses and has lately been experimenting with adding delivery drones to the mix. Now, the company’s cloud division wants to win the business of the other firms that use autonomous machines in their operations.To that end, Amazon Web Services Inc. today launched RoboMaker, a development platform for building robotics software. It provides the ability to set up a self-scaling programming environment complete with simulation software in a matter of minutes, according to Amazon’s cloud unit. RoboMaker is based on the Cloud9 browser-based development service that AWS introduced last year. Every deployment is spun up with a collection of open-source software components specific to the robotics ecosystem. That includes first and foremost an installation of the Robot Operating System, or ROS, the most popular middleware platform for autonomous machines.