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Ashburn A Landscape Transformed by Cloud Computing

November 26, 2018 / RICH MILLER

It’s tempting to think of cloud computing as an abstraction, defined by all the things it isn’t. It isn’t your desktop or laptop. It isn’t the IT closet at your office. It’s your data, only someplace else.That someplace else is here in Northern Virginia. To see the growth of cloud computing writ large, drive the roads that traverse the heart of “Data Center Alley,” the cluster of server farms surrounding the world’s leading Internet intersection.As you cruise along Loudoun County Parkway or Waxpool Road or Pacific Boulevard, “the cloud” rises along the roads of Ashburn. This is where the cloud becomes real, in concrete and steel. In more than 20 years as America’s Internet Capitol, Ashburn has never seen a moment like this. Enormous data centers are under construction virtually everywhere you look. At other sites, existing buildings are being prepared for demolition or renovation for a future data center campus.