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AWS Puts Custom Arm Chips Into Its Cloud

November 27, 2018 / Jeffrey Burt

Amazon Web Services, which got into the processor business in 2015 when it bought Annapurna Labs, is now putting homegrown Arm chips into new cloud instances, a move that puts it ahead of other public cloud providers and is a significant step for Arm’s ambitions in the data center.AWS officials made the announcement on the eve of the company’s re:Invent show this week in Las Vegas, taking the wraps off new EC2 instances that are powered by the new Graviton processors which are based on Arm cores and include custom-built silicon. The A1 instances are primed for workloads where cost and performance are important, according to Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for AWS. “They are a great fit for scale-out workloads where you can share the load across a group of smaller instances,” Barr wrote in a blog post. “This includes containerized microservices, web servers, development environments, and caching fleets.