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AWS Ground Stations link satellites to the cloud

November 28, 2018 / Bobby Hellard

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced AWS Ground Station on Tuesday at its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.It's a service that aims to feed satellite data straight into AWS cloud infrastructure faster, easier and at an affordable price for its customers.There will be 12 of these ground stations located around the world and they're effectively antennas that link up with satellites as they pass by while orbiting. This is a problem AWS customers have identified, according to the company, where satellites are only in the range of certain ground antennas briefly, making uploading and downloading data difficult.The announcement was made by AWS CEO Andy Jassy, who cited customers as the inspiration and called the service "the first fully managed global ground station service"."Customers said, 'look, there's so much data in space and so many applications that want to use that data to completely change the way in which we interact with our planet and world," ...