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HPE builds on its composable vision with new Hybrid Cloud Platform

November 27, 2018 / Dale Walker

HPE has launched a host of new additions to its composable cloud portfolio, chief among these being a hybrid cloud software stack that aims to bring the flexibility and fluidity of the public cloud, as well as a host of AI-driven storage systems, to the on-premise environment.The company claims this represents the industry's first hybrid cloud platform built on composability and flexible deployments, something that will help those businesses struggling to move to the cloud due to a lack of skilled stack specialists.HPE follows the likes of Microsoft, Google, and IBM, leading technology companies that have shifted their focus over the past year towards a customer base that's increasingly adopting multiple cloud providers or hybrid over a single, all-encompassing service.It also builds on HPE's launch of a hybrid cloud-as-a-service model, which sits inside its GreenLake financial services brand, allowing customers to pay monthly in exchange for hybrid services deployed and ma...