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NHS patient records to be stored in AWS cloud platform

December 03, 2018 / Connor Jones

EMIS Group, one of the UK's major healthcare suppliers, will migrate one of its core services to Amazon's cloud service.EMIS, among other things, make EMIS Web, a flagship product of EMIS's which 56% of all GPs in the country rely on to provide care to patients. The service will be migrated to Amazon Web Service (AWS) as EMIS-X, a new and optimised cloud-based version of the software.Packed with new features, EMIS-X uses a range of new technologies, including AI-driven voice recognition to automatically interpret patient-clinician conversations and respond with appropriate data from the patient's records or to provide suggestions for treatment."We see millions of hours currently spent by patients and staff in repeating information at each stage of the patient's healthcare journey being eliminated and the management of medicines in pharmacy being revolutionised by better insight and more efficient services delivered through EMIS-X," said Andy Thorburn, EMIS...