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Samsung Heads Toward the DMZ to Challenge Cloud-Computing Giants

November 29, 2018 / Sam Kim

The best place to put a data center in South Korea, it turns out, also happens to be close to one of the most dangerous in the world.Barely an hour from the border with North Korea, in what used to be a civilian shooting range, Samsung Group is building a facility with the ambitious goal of challenging well-established cloud-computing providers Amazon.com Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Google.It’s a familiar position for a company that came from behind to lead the world in smartphones, televisions and memory chips. Before setting its sights on bigger rivals, the conglomerate plans to dominate its home ground first by making customers out of its vast empire of about 60 businesses spanning electronics, construction, insurance and credit cards. And one day it may even serve as a stepping stone toward an even more audacious goal: putting data centers in North Korea, where colder temperatures can bring down the cost of keeping servers cool.