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CNAB: Docker and Microsoft's Cloud Native Application Bundle

December 05, 2018 / Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Installing cloud-native applications can be tricky. The technology is still new enough that finding a cloud-native savvy developer or system administrator can be harder than finding hen's teeth, So, it was that Docker and Microsoft decided to make it easier for everyone with the Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB).What does that mean for you? Brendan Burns, Microsoft software engineer and Kubernetes co-founder tweeted: "Imagine installing a complete distributed application from a USB stick." Ultimately, that's exactly what CNAB will mean to you. In partnership with Bitnami, HashiCorp, and others, CNAB is an open-source package format specification. The CNAB format is meant to deal with cloud-native packaging, installing, and managing distributed applications. It's built on top of JSON, Docker containers, and OpenPGP.As Matt Butcher, Microsoft's principal engineer on the open-source Kubernetes Helm project, pointed out, "With CNAB, you can manage distri...