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Packet and Wasabi join hands to offer better cloud services than AWS

December 10, 2018 / Cloud Tech

Cloud and edge computing infrastructure provider Packet, and hot cloud storage firm Wasabi, have joined hands to integrate their respective platforms to offer their customers cloud computing and storage services for less compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS).David Friend, CEO of Wasabi, said: “Amazon has 100-some-odd cloud services. They do everything, but they don’t do anything particularly well. They’ve got one big integrated environment. But if you want the best content delivery network, Amazon doesn’t have it. If you want the best storage, Amazon doesn’t have it.”At the moment, Packet and Wasabi’s offering is very limited in scope if compared to AWS’ multiple services. Unlike AWS’ be-everything-to-everybody approach, the companies are focusing only on cloud storage and cloud computing. According to Friend, Wasabi’s cloud storage is 80% cheaper and six-times faster than Amazon S3 storage.