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Don’t get cloudwashed: The case for cloud on-prem in hybrid computing

December 11, 2018 / R. DANES

Cloud computing on-premises: fantasy or reality? The vast majority of companies want hybrid information technology. But many are already spoiled on public-cloud agility and elasticity. They’re not keen to settle for rusty old on-prem technology.That’s why so many providers (even Amazon Web Services Inc.) are rushing to market with “cloud on-prem” offerings. But what’s beneath the labeling? Can users really stay home without losing out on anything in public cloud?Yaron Haviv (pictured), founder and chief technology officer at Iguazio Systems Ltd., isn’t so sure. Buyers of any product promising on-prem cloud had better thoroughly scan the ingredients list. The technologies that enable true cloud agility aren’t what makes up some of these private clouds. One ubiquitous poseur to keep an eye out for: VMware Inc. virtual machines, according to Haviv.