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DigitalOcean Expands Its Cloud Platform With A Managed Kubernetes Offering

December 11, 2018 / Janakiram MSV

Kubernetes has become the de facto container management platform for running modern workloads. Almost all the public cloud vendors have a hosted Kubernetes offering that enables customers to launch fully managed clusters based on the configuration of their choice.DigitalOcean is the latest public cloud vendor to join the managed Kubernetes bandwagon. The service has been in private preview for over six months. At KubeCon, the annual Kubernetes community, DigitalOcean announced the public availability. Following the philosophy of minimalistic design and simplicity, DigitalOcean Kubernetes has fewer buttons and knobs. Customers need to choose the geographic location of the cluster along with the Droplet size to launch a fully configured Kubernetes platform. A Droplet is a virtual machine that comes with pre-configured CPU and memory specifications.