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Just 26% of European Enterprises are using the Cloud: Eurostat Report

December 17, 2018 / ED TARGETT EDITOR

European cloud adoption has been lend by Scandinavia, a new report from Eurostat shows, with Finland, Sweden and Denmark taking the top three spots.That’s according to the European Union’s statistical office, which tracked “use of cloud computing services” between 2014 and 2018. Yet in a report that ranked the UK sixth – far ahead of other major European economies like Germany (19) Spain (20) and France (22) – Eurostat found that just 26 percent of European enterprises were using the cloud.The figure drives home the scope for growth in cloud services providers, particularly among the continent’s smaller enterprises. (IBM holds hybrid cloud, for example  –  referring to a combination of closely orchestrated public and private cloud services along with the use of in-house data centers –  as a “emerging $1 trillion growth market” and estimates 80 percent of global businesses workloads are still managed on-pre...