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IBM rolls out new platform to address bias in AI decision making

December 14, 2018 / MIKE WHEATLEY

IBM Corp. is trying to mitigate the problem of bias in artificial intelligence-based decision-making with a new platform released early today that can inform people how AI models come to their conclusions.The company said AI OpenScale is needed because a significant portion of businesses simply don’t trust AI enough when it comes to making the most important decisions. The main issue is that they’re unsure if their AI models are biased. They also want a greater understanding of how AI comes to its conclusions, and how it traces its logic, IBM said.Bias is a byproduct of the black-box nature of AI applications, which don’t always reveal the logic behind their decisions. Bias can be introduced in training data as well as machine learning logic. Teasing out such aberrations can be an arduous data science exercise.