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Cloud computing in 2019: views of the industry

December 19, 2018 / James Orme

2019 is fast approaching and it follows a year of unprecedented change in cloud. Kubernetes has taken the community by storm, but the discovery of a major security hole last month was a sobering reminder of the need for a robust and diligent approach to cloud security.And of course, the cloud war rages on with the ball very much in Google’s court. Sacha Labourey, CEO at CloudBees predicts another busy year of acquisitions.Whether you’re a cloud industry professional, investor, or die-hard technologist, equip yourself for next year by reading predictions from the cloud experts at Puppet, Pivotal, Microsoft, Rackspace, and Cloud Foundry. Some of their predictions may surprise you. Edge computing talk will be everywhere. AWS Outposts, Google Kubernetes Engine on-prem, AzureStack – all of the cloud-but-on-prem-but-still-cloudy solutions will see a lot of activity that will ripple across our industry. Besides from the obvious impact on vendors in the turnkey on-premise Kub...