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Serverless is awesome (if you overlook inflated costs, dislike distributed computing, love vendor lock-in), say boffins

December 19, 2018 / Thomas Claburn

Serverless computing, which does actually involve servers, has been touted as a way to reduce computing costs though its pay-per-use model and to free developers from operational concerns.But – and there's always a but – researchers from the University of California at Berkeley contend that it's an expensive disappointment for all but a few simple applications. In a paper distributed through pre-print service ArXiv, seven UCB boffins – Joseph M. Hellerstein, Jose Faleiro, Joseph E. Gonzalez, Johann Schleier-Smith, Vikram Sreekanti, Alexey Tumanov and Chenggang Wu – argue that today's serverless offerings are "a bad fit for cloud innovation and particularly bad for data systems innovation. The paper, "Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back," explains that serverless computing allows developers to upload their code to a cloud platform like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, or Google Cloud Functions, and have it scale dynamical...