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How to match a cloud service for all your devices

December 25, 2018 / Rob Pegoraro

It’s getting hard to unbox without a signup: Few new gadgets let you get past their welcome screens without inviting you to subscribe to a cloud-storage service to augment their storage and backup their data.If all of your devices are from one company or run on software from the same firm, that decision can be simple. If you stick with Apple’s hardware, sign up for its iCloud service. And if your phone runs Google’s Android and your laptop is a Chromebook, Google One is the obvious complement.But for a lot of us, no such uniformity exists and there’s no instant pick between those two, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Amazon Drive and Dropbox. Instead, you have contrasting pros and cons. All but Amazon offer a free tier: 2GB at Dropbox, 5GB at Apple and Google, 15GB at Microsoft. Google also offers unlimited free image storage (by compressing large photos in a way I have yet to notice) and excellent organization and sharing features in Android and iOS through its Goog...