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Voices of 2018: Renewable Energy, the Cloud & Security

December 24, 2018 / SARAH RUBENOFF

Staying up to speed on the news in the fast-moving data center industry  is crucial to professional success and staying relevant. That’s why columns and expert insight from business leaders provide a special type of value. Data Center Frontier offers its  Voices of the Industry series to provide unique perspectives from across the colocation, cloud and data center industries.This past year, the most popular Voices columns on Data Center Frontier were brought to readers from names like Iron Mountain Data Centers, RagingWire Data Centers, Stream Data Centers and CoreSite. In fact, Iron Mountain columns made up four of the 10 most popular Voices of the Industry columns for 2018. As for the hot  topics were covered by the group of colocation leaders in 2018, columns focused on trends like renewable energy in the data center industry, data center security, data center construction, cloud usage and more.