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2019 security forecast: Cloudy and unsettled, with a chance of gloom

January 01, 2019 / PAUL GILLIN

Back in April we asked 22 security experts whether we’re winning or losing the war against cybercriminals, and the consensus was almost unanimously negative. Not much has changed since then, and even the growing promise of artificial intelligence as a weapon has been blunted by the reality that criminals have access to the same tools.With a skilled-worker shortage that’s estimated to range between 1.8 million and 3.5 million people worldwide, security practitioners are fighting with one hand behind their backs. Although many tools are available to help them, the overwhelming number and variety of options presents integration challenges. It’s unlikely that 2019 will see the task of securing enterprise networks become any easier, although attackers may shift their focus toward more governmental and political targets. Prepare for the long, slow struggle to continue.