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Cloud native - the successes so far and the challenges ahead

January 03, 2019 / Keri Allan

Today, Kubernetes is considered the de facto standard for container orchestration, winning out over Docker Swarm and Mesos. Originally a Google project, in 2014 Kubernetes was open sourced; living out in open governance, with no single vendor in charge, people were galvanised to work on the project and development and adoption grew."It's really taken off and all sorts of projects have come from it," says Todd Moore, Vice President, Open Technology at IBM and Chairman of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) governing board. "It's the standard in the IBM cloud now; it's amazing what we can do with it. In the previous decade the important computing trend was virtualisation - now cloud native and containerisation is the big technology trend," continues Dan Kohn CNCF Executive Director. "It's allowing people to look at ways to achieve higher efficiency, how to increase your development velocity and roll out new versions of your applications m...