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Blockchain Cloud Computing Infrastructure Planned By ConsenSys And AMD

January 07, 2019 / Maricel Custodio

New York-based blockchain specialist ConsenSys is partnering with semiconductor producer AMD and Abu Dhabi-based investment firm Halo to develop a blockchain cloud computing infrastructure.In a press release, ConsenSys announced that the three companies will be working together to create W3BCLOUD, an optimized datacenter solutions for emerging blockchain workloads. Once developed, the solution will be the first independent cloud computing blockchain infrastructure, combining increased transaction throughput with state-of-the-art security, according to the company.ConsenSys will provide its blockchain software expertise to the project, providing insight into efficient compute usage for blockchain transactions, security requirements, and emerging use cases for the technology. The solution will be powered by AMD hardware that are capable of supporting a variety of workloads and applications for governments and commercial enterprises, as well as accelerate the adoption of decentralized app...