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AMD President Says Its Next Epyc Server Processor Is the Best the World Has Ever Seen

January 10, 2019 / Linda Hardesty

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), under the direction of its President and CEO Lisa Su, garnered some big headlines in 2018 for both its technology advances as well as its growing stock price. Su gave an opening keynote at CES yesterday, first noting that AMD is marking its 50th anniversary.Su, who is a dynamic and enthusiastic public speaker, spent the lion’s share of her CES speech talking about gaming. And who can blame her? Videos depicting games like “Assassin’s Creed” and “Fnatic” captivated the audience.Eventually, she spoke about the (comparatively boring) topic of the company’s Epyc high-performance data center server processor. In 2017 we took a big step forward with the introductions of our Epyc server processor,” Su said. “It combines more cores, more memory, and more I/O to offer leadership performance at every price point. There are more than 50 Epyc platforms that are now shipping from the leading server providers.”