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TriggerMesh Clears Serverless Bridge Between AWS Lambda, Knative

January 10, 2019 / Dan Meyer

TriggerMesh launched an open source project that stitches together Amazon Web Services’ Lambda serverless architecture with the Knative open source set of serverless components to bridge the portability gap between the two platforms. That gap between serverless platforms has been one of the main barriers to broader serverless adoption.The TriggerMesh bridge is in the form of its Knative Lamdba Runtime (KLR, which is pronounced “clear”) project. The high-level focus of the project is to provide portability of AWS Lambda functions to Knative-enabled clusters and serverless cloud infrastructure without needing to rewrite the serverless functions.“We just opened up every Lambda function to run on Knative,” said Mark Hinkle, co-founder of TriggerMesh. “That’s a huge ecosystem.”