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Microsoft Azure recovers from outage

January 11, 2019 / Clare Hopping

Microsoft Azure's UK South storage region suffered an outage yesterday, just a day after the company debuted its Azure Data Box Disk.Just after lunchtime, customers started reporting their services were down. Some said their Azure accounts were unavailable, while others said they could only see a spinning wheel when trying to access the cloud service.The problems began on Azure Storage, but spread to other services, including App and Virtual Machines, with the company’s status page showing a blanket outage for all services after the issue was first reported. Its Azure UK West storage had not been affected at the time of writing. Starting at 13:19 UTC on 10 Jan 2019, a subset of customers leveraging Storage in UK South may experience service availability issues. In addition, resources with dependencies on Storage, may also experience downstream impact in the form of availability issues. Engineers have been engaged and are actively investigating. The next update will be provide...