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CNCF releases 9 security best practices for Kubernetes, to protect a customer’s infrastructure

January 15, 2019 / Melisha Dsouza

According to CNCF’s bi-annual survey conducted in August 2018, 83% of the respondents prefer Kubernetes for its container management tools. 58% of respondents use Kubernetes in production, while 42% are evaluating it for future use and 40% of enterprise companies (5000+) are running Kubernetes in production. These statistics give us a clear picture of the popularity of Kubernetes amongst developers as a container orchestrator. However, the recent security flaw discovered in Kubernetes (now patched) that enable attackers to compromise clusters and perform illicit activities, did raise concerns among developers. A container environment like Kubernetes consisting of multiple layers needs to be secured on all fronts. Taking this into consideration, the cncf has released ‘9 Kubernetes Security Best Practices Everyone Must Follow.