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Is the Cloud Killing Jobs or Creating Them?

January 14, 2019 / ByKayla Matthews

As long as machines, automation and artificial intelligence have been around, there’s been speculation about the likelihood of these technologies stealing everyone’s jobs. Is there genuine cause for worry, or is it all a bunch of nonsense? Before addressing the related concerns, it’s essential to highlight the capabilities and reach of modern technology, because the debate becomes irrelevant if the tech isn’t in place to make it happen. So, how far are we from a truly autonomous market where nearly everything is automatic and electronically or robotically performed? More importantly, how much of this movement is the cloud responsible for? A natural place to direct attention is the driverless or autonomous vehicle market. Many companies, like Google, Tesla and Ford, are currently working on driverless vehicles and related technology. Few of these platforms are running on national roadways, but that doesn’t mean we’re not on the precipice of its adopti...