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Universities migrating to the cloud faster than other public sector bodies

January 23, 2019 / Clare Hopping

Universities are the most forward-thinking public sector organisations when it comes to cloud usage, a report by Eduserv and Socitm has revealed, with more than a third storing data in the cloud.Public bodies and authorities are also embracing the flexibility that the cloud provides, although the emergency services still lag behind, with only 13% using the cloud because it needs to put cost savings first and cannot afford to switch to a cloud-first approach.In fact, 91% of public body organisations are still using on-premise servers to store their data - the highest proportion of any public sector sub-sector.“As the report highlights, the journey will start on-premise and will almost certainly transition into a hybrid phase, possibly for quite some time, as many organisations are insufficiently mature in their IT management and information governance”, said Andy Powell, CTO at Eduserv.