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PODCAST: banking technology’s on Cloud 9

January 31, 2019 / Gerard Florian

For many businesses, what Cloud offers, even more compelling than reduced costs, is speed, agility and scalability. The value of being able to dial up (and down) and integrate environments for test, preproduction and productions in almost no time and in response to customer demand (and other variables) cannot be overstated. We know the time it takes around provisioning, around multiple environments and complexities from multiple test cases. Whether it's the ability to make use of some of the platform-as-a-service (PAS) technologies now being embedded into various offerings from some of the major cloud providers, we know embracing cloud will increase our ability to adapt and the speed with which we can move. At ANZ, we expect Cloud will have a critical role underpinning new standards such as open banking and blockchain. Listen to the podcast below with the Chief Operating Officer of TCS, NG Subramaniam to hear more on these topics.